How to use propeller ads on blogger better than AdSense alternative

If you are disappointed with your AdSense earnings, or if your AdSense account has been suspended, it’s not the end of the world. AdSense may be the Mercedes of ad networks, but among the thousands of ad networks, there are certainly many other ways to make money from your site by promoting tap or bidet items at a low cost. They exist and, in some cases, they are much better for you. Of course, the outcome depends on many factors, such as your niche, the traffic you get and where it comes from, etc., but all of these Adsense alternatives can make you real money. Here are 11 Google AdSense alternatives you should consider:

Of all the ad networks on this list, this is probably the least well-known, but it’s also the best. It offers very innovative solutions such as contextual ads, search targeting, web bar, and mobile ads. Media or others plumber relate sites. Net is particularly well suited for large high-traffic sites in the US, UK, and Canada. One of the downsides of is that there is a $100 fee, but for a large site, this should be a small amount.

2 Chitika
Chitika doesn’t offer many types of ads, but the main advantage is that the ads offered are highly targeted. The CTR is excellent because the ads only appear when the user comes from a search engine. Washroom and toilet are important for a home.The low payment of $10 is also good because even if your site is small, or you only use one ad unit, you’ll likely get paid every month instead of waiting months to receive them.

3 Mail ads
Advertiser is another (mostly) PPC network, but it has started to offer conversion bonuses. The payout is also $10, which means it’s also an option for a small site.

4 Info links
Info links offer in-text advertising. In-text ads are very unobtrusive and don’t take up any more space than other ads, appearing as pop-ups when the user hovers over the hyperlink in the text in which they are embedded. Toilet flange repair easy. Info links in-text ads work surprisingly well, although they do vary depending on location. However, paying $50 is not very good if your pages are small, as you may have to wait a few months to reach them.

5 AdBrite
Many webmasters consider AdBrite as the best alternative to Google AdSense, but because my experience with it is not as good as Chitin or Info links, it ranks 5th on the list. AdBrite plumber supplier is basically an ad marketplace where buyers and sellers can communicate and negotiate the price. This is what differentiates it from the others. However, to succeed, you need to have a very popular site with a very lucrative demographic because the competition is very stiff.

6 ClickBank
If you don’t insist on using CPC toilet stuff ads as an alternative to Google AdSense, but are open to suggestions, try Affiliate Sales (also known as CPA—Cost Per Action). You can not sell only digital products, try also physical products such as plumbers, garages, and so on. ClickBank is the mecca for CPA offers and should be your first port of call. ClickBank probably offers millions of plumber products, and choosing what to promote can be the most difficult task. But the rewards can be many times greater than what you earn from AdSense on a good day.

7 Amazon
Amazon fixing pipe is another CPA ad network that works well for many publishers. It’s especially good if you have a tech site about toilet and bidet, as there are a lot of interesting gadgets out there, and since they have ads in almost every niche, it’s also an option. Their ads are relevant and therefore almost always relevant. However, the terms and conditions are very complicated, and you have to spend a lot of time with the commissions you get for the sale. You can sell plumber stuff, such as a bidet converter or something else.

8 Kontera
Kontera and walmart is another in-text network that can be considered an alternative to Google Adsense. In terms of effectiveness, it can be compared to Infolinks, but again there are big differences depending on the niche. But if you have to choose between Kontera and Infolinks, I would definitely choose Infolinks.

9 home depot
If ClickBank, Amazon, and some other CPA networks don’t appeal to you, you can try eBay. Again, success (or lack of success) depends on the niche you occupy, but you can make money with it. I wouldn’t make eBay ads your main source of income, because that would be a waste of space that could be used for better ads. However, if you still have some space left as a secondary seller

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