6 best android apps essential for every blogger

Are you are a blogger, and you are looking for ways to perform in your job?

Here are the 6 best android apps that you will need to try out.

1- blogging software

Anyone looking for blogging software should try the domain where their website is hosted. From there you can usually get a lot of information, including site analysis and other information. It won’t help you write anything, but it doesn’t matter how much you publish if your site doesn’t work. Most domain sellers have an official application. We mentioned GoDaddy, but you can choose any of them. Most of them have great tools for site owners.

2- wordpress

WordPress is one of the most recognized blogging programs. With it, you can create a blog from scratch and add content to it. You can create and edit articles, upload photos, create your own content, create themes for the site, and more. The free version is a bit limited, but it is enough to get you started. You can pay for an annual subscription to get more storage space and more features. The app has occasional problems, but nothing serious.

3-pexels, the image store

Pexels is a free image application. It can be used to search for presentation images and blog images on topics for which you may not have your own image. It has a fairly large database of images on most topics. You can also upload your own and contribute to the community. Eventually, you will want to start creating your own images, but if you do, you can use some resources to get started. Pixabay is another good option in this area. If you use other people’s photos, make sure you credit the authors, as this is very important.

4- Milkshake

Milkshake is a simple tool for creating websites. It offers many themes, ideas, and designs for your blog. It can add spice and design benefits to your site. The application is easy enough to use for beginners. Like all site builders, there is a learning curve, but it is not as steep as some others. Weebly by Square is another decent site, as is Wix if you want to try other options.

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